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I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Qualtrics over survey monkey.



Brady is the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Pinnacle Quality Insight. He has been with Pinnacle since 2008, and in aging services for over 10 years. Brady graduated from Brigham Young University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree as a Spanish Major, with a Business Minor and a Pre Med Emphasis. He arned his MBA from the University of Utah. His start in healthcare began 13 years ago as a Psychiatric Technician where he gained experience in patient engagement and personal care. Later he moved into business development for a home care and hospice agency before joining the Pinnacle team in 2008. In his current position with Pinnacle, he manages a team of sales consultants and works with owners and operators of senior and long-term care organizations to help reduce employee turnover through education on employee feedback and improved awareness of emotional intelligence within healthcare organizations. His focus on helping organizations improve the quality of care that is provided through one-on-one meetings and evaluations of satisfaction surveys. He has been in this current position as EVP of Business development since 2013. His 4-person team continues to share and develop Pinnacle’s core values and the satisfaction measurement traits that set Pinnacle apart. Brady and his team have incorporated the AHCA Quality Initiatives as the baseline goal to improve organizational success by increasing staff stability, implementing customer satisfaction measurement, and helping to reduce the number of unintended healthcare outcomes.